ACMSF Horizon Scanning workshop 2023

Horizon Scanning 2023

Last updated: 16 January 2024

Changes in consumer behaviour and preference

Direct challenges from climate change:


Possible actions

Customer Behaviours in Related to Warm Weather

10     There is a lack of preparedness in consumer behaviours for changes in climate effects in relation to warm weather. For example, handling of leftovers, doorstep delivery and cold chain maintenance. Certain behaviours such as leaving chicken out to thaw should be addressed. Similarly, a change in food preferences in relation to warm weather needs to be addressed, for example, a move to consumption of more salads and barbecues.


11.1       The FSA should consider consumer messaging and education around safe food practices in warmer climate.

11.2       The FSA should consider strengthening communication with, and providing guidance for, the food industry on cold chain management.

11.3       The FSA should consider a behavioural survey on consumer habits during summer barbecues.


Industrial Practices in Related to Warm Weather

12     There is also a potential lack of preparedness in industrial practices in relation to warm weather. For example, standard practice by direct delivery from ‘local’ suppliers (e.g., door to door milk delivery) may no longer be suitable.


12.1       FSA should consider contacting Defra labelling teams to identify opportunities for supporting industry in exploring the potential of temperature abuse packaging labels.

12.2       FSA to update committee on education, guidance, and legislation/enforcement currently in place for manufacturers, particularly for on-line sales or dark kitchens.

12.3       The FSA should consider educating food businesses on the importance of additional controls for products that weren’t previously heat-treated (e.g., sale of raw milk)