Summary of minutes of the July 2022 meeting

TWENTY- FIRST MEETING of the AMR Working Group

Last updated: 09 August 2023

FSA project FS307037: Modelling framework to quantify the risk of AMR exposure via food products: example of chicken and lettuce.

1.    The group was presented with the findings of the FSA funded study: “Development of a modular assessment framework to quantify the risk of AMR (antimicrobial resistance) exposure via food products” This study reviewed literature for the creation of a set of modular templates of risk of AMR, focusing on the chicken and lettuce supply chain. This work sought to enable the FSA to produce more efficient and reproducible AMR risk assessments relating to foods, with the modular format allowing for “off the shelf” application and to act as a basis for future model development.

2.    The group discussed and commented on the findings. Study report is now available on the FSA’s website.

FSA project FS430677: Survey of Salmonella, E. coli and AMR in frozen part-cooked breaded and battered poultry products

3.    The group was presented with the findings of the above survey commissioned by the FSA commissioned to fill a gap in FSA knowledge surrounding breaded chicken products, to better inform risk assessment and risk management advice around these products.

4.    The group discussed and commented on the findings. Study report can be found on the FSA’s website.

Update on FSA’s AMR programme review workshop

5.    The secretariat updated the group on the FSA’s proposed AMR programme workshop scheduled for November 2022 to be held in London. Event has been deferred to March 2023.

6.    Members noted that the proposed event is to review the FSA’s AMR research programme to date to determine the success/impact of it and to identify and prioritise new AMR-food related research and surveillance to explore. The plan is to have a series of open sessions designed to identify key AMR in food chain evidence gaps which will be prioritised.  This will help to define the future directions of the FSA’s AMR programme for 2023 and beyond. It will also inform the FSA food safety commitments in the next 2024-2029 AMR national action plan.

Update on One “Health, Environment and Society” conference: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in Food Producing Environments


7.    The group received an update on the above conference held on 23 June 2022 in Brussels. This conference attended by around 1000 delegates in person and 2000 online was held on the auspices of European Centre for Disease Production and Control, European Medicines Agency and the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

8.    The group discussed some of the presentations provided at the conference together with the key recommendations.

Work plan discussion on future meetings

9.    The group discussed its work plan for future meetings.



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