Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food


Last updated: 01 March 2024



Kitchen Life 2 Update 

Committee action required 

Paper is for information only.  No action required. 


Kitchen Life 2 (KL2) used motion-sensitive cameras to explore food safety behaviours in 70 households and 31 food business operator (FBO) kitchens. It also captured data using surveys, interviews, and fridge and freezer thermometers. KL2 was commissioned in February 2021 and completed in June 2023. The aim of KL2 was to identify the key food safety behaviours that occur in household and business kitchens and understand the factors influencing these behaviours.

KL2 was commissioned by the FSA and delivered by Basis Social, with support from Leeds University Business School. This unique and innovative research project won the Analysis in Government (Opens in a new window) ‘Innovative Methods’ award in 2022.

Published Research Reports

The findings from this study are detailed across seven separate reports, each focusing on a behaviour of interest to the FSA.

Each report explores the behaviour in detail and uses behavioural analysis to identify the factors influencing the behaviour. 

The 7 reports are:  

  1. Not washing hands with soap after touching meat, fish and poultry
  2. Reusing a chopping board after preparing meat, fish and poultry 
  3. Reusing a tea towel or cloth for multiple purposes
  4. Storing chilled foods at incorrect temperatures 
  5. Not reheating leftovers until steaming hot throughout 
  6. Not checking use-by dates and consuming foods past use-by dates
  7. The creation of food waste



February 2024