Summary of minutes of the October 2021 meeting

Nineteenth meeting of the ACMSF AMR Working Group held on 6 October 2021

Last updated: 12 September 2022

FSA project: FS307036: Assessing the impact of heat treatment on antimicrobial genes and their potential uptake by other “live” bacteria

1. The group received a presentation on the findings of FSA funded project: Assessing the impact of heat treatment on antimicrobial genes and their potential uptake by other “live” bacteria (report was published in August 2021). Members noted that scientific evidence and the FSA’s surveys have confirmed that raw meats on retail sale in the UK can be contaminated with antimicrobial resistance (AMR) bacteria.  The group agreed with the study’s conclusions and recommendations.


FSA Project: FS301050: Burden of AMR in RTE Foods

2. The group was updated on the findings of FSA funded study: Burden of AMR in RTE foods. It was noted that in 2019 the FSA commissioned Fera Science and Newcastle University to provide an overview of the AMR genes found in common ready-to-eat (RTE) foods using metagenomic sequencing. The project focused on single-food-type products, such as milk, apples, bananas, ham, orange juice (rather than more complex foods such as sandwiches or pies), so that the source of the AMR genes could be identified.


3. Members discussed the findings and welcomed the potential directions for future studies as highlighted in the presentation.


Risk assessment colistin resistant E. coli carrying the mcr-1 and mcr-3 genes in fresh retail turkey meat purchased in the UK

4. The FSA presented a risk assessment in relation to the above.


5. Members were invited to comment on the risk assessment and indicate whether they agreed with the associated level of risk? Although members agreed with the risk assessment (highlighting that it covered all the essential grounds), there were additional comments for the FSA to consider.

ACMSF Task and Finish report – update on the recommendations

6. The group was provided with an update in relation to the above report. The paper provided members with the opportunity to review progress that has been made on the task and finish report, revisit the priority recommendations that have not been taken forward highlighting the recommendations that remain high priority and identify any other gaps that may need attention in relation to the FSA’s AMR research priorities. 


Work plan discussion on future meetings

7. The group discussed its work plan for future meetings.



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