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Dr Gary Barker

Last updated: 24 August 2020

Dr Gary Barker was appointed to the ACMSF in 2013. He is a Research Scientist in Norwich. He has been actively involved in research since 1981 in the Physics Department at Sheffield University and from 1984 until 2018 at the IFR. His research has centred on food material science, particularly colloidal materials and granular materials, microbiological safety and mathematical modelling. Quantitative microbial risk assessment and decision support modelling have been the dominant areas of research. He currently concentrates on 'Science supporting quantitative microbial risk assessment' as part of a wider interest in food safety and public health.

He has published in excess of 100 papers in a wide range of peer reviewed journals as well as many book chapters, contributions to proceedings and other popular reports. He has been a leader and participant in a wide range of national and international research projects as well as being part of reviews for many food safety science projects.