98th ACMSF Meeting 19 April 2021

The ninety-eighth meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food will be held at 1.00 pm on 19 April 2021. Virtual meeting (Microsoft Teams). Only part of meeting is open to the public.

Last updated: 17 December 2021

Agenda and Minutes

Agenda of the ninety-eighth meeting

Minutes of the 98th ACMSF meeting


Summary of action taken on points arising from minutes of previous meetings (ACM/1350)

Proposed working group on botulinum toxin-producing Clostridia and vacuum packaging and associated processes (ACM/1351)

Literature review on botulism in cattle, sheep and goats: 2006 to 2021 (ACM/1352)

Epidemiology of Foodborne Infections Group (ACM/1353)

Dates of future meetings (ACM/1354)

Update on Horizon Scanning workshop (ACM/1355) RESERVED BUSINESS

Campylobacter source attribution (Oxford study) (ACM/1356) RESERVED BUSINESS

ACMSF Work plan (ACM/1357)

Update from other committees (ACM/1358)

Items of interest from the literature (ACM/1359)

Food and You 2 – Wave 1 (ACM/1360)

Risk-based considerations associated with consumption of human placenta (ACM/1361) 

Salmonella contamination and its control in animal production (ACM/1362) Available from the secretariat

Control of Salmonella and pathogenic E. coli contamination of animal feed using alternatives to formaldehyde-based treatments (ACM/1363) FOR MEMBERS ONLY

An observational and educational study package on the epidemiology and control of Salmonella in broiler production (ACM/1364) FOR MEMBERS ONLY