Ad Hoc Group on Raw, Rare and Low Temperature Cooked Food meeting 19 February 2013

Summary of the fourth meeting of the group

At this meeting the group considered low temperature cooked foods: heat inactivation data and conclusions on risk assessment for low temperature cooking. Preliminary discussion on foods served raw or rare was deferred to the group’s next meeting.

Heat inactivation data
Members considered data from the scientific literature for Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli on the rate of death of the organisms at temperatures below 60 degrees C. Following discussion, it was noted that the information would be useful to highlight areas where there was sufficient data, areas where there was inadequate data and the potential risks from low temperature cooking in the group’s report.

Conclusions on risk assessment for low temperature cooking
The group considered guidance produced by the New South Wales government food authority entitled ‘Sous vide: Food safety precautions for restaurants’ which they found useful. Members also discussed a paper which outlined the group’s thoughts on low temperature cooking and identified areas where further conclusions were needed. Further thoughts on this subject were highlighted.