Ad Hoc Group on Vulnerable Groups

Terms of reference, membership and work of the Ad Hoc Group on Vulnerable Groups.

Terms of reference

  • To review the current evidence on toxoplasmosis in humans and animals in the UK;
  • Consider whether the evidence indicates a food safety issue that needs to be addressed and which food sources are likely to present a significant risk;
  • Discuss what further investigations/surveillance may be necessary to obtain robust data on UK prevalence and foodborne sources of toxoplasmosis;
  • Consider whether there is a need to revise current food safety advice; and
  • Suggest any other aspects that require consideration.


Professor Tom Humphrey (to February 2011)
Dr Richard Holliman (from February 2011)

Mr John Bassett
Professor John Coia
Mr Alec Kyriakides (to March 2011)
Professor Paul Hunter (to March 2011)
Mrs Jenny Morris
Co-opted Members
Dr Edward Guy (Public Health Wales)
Mr Paul Hutchinson (AHVLA)

Mr Stephen Wyllie (Defra)

Following publication of the report on toxoplasmosis, the Group was disbanded.


Summary of meetings

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