Ad Hoc Group on Eggs 24th February and 30 April 2015

Last updated:
13 October 2015
Summary of the first and second meetings of the group

The first meeting of the Group was held on 24 February when the main focus of discussion had been the draft terms of reference, scope of work, and outputs of the group.

At the second meeting held on 30 April by teleconference, members discussed an outline of the sections of the report they would be producing.  It was agreed to include the following areas:

  • An introduction giving the background, remit and scope of the group’s work
  • Changes in epidemiology of Salmonella and egg associated infections
  • Identification of all microbiological hazards associated with eggs and the egg products listed within the scope of the group. Pathogen specificity for eggs from different sources
  • Consumption patterns relating to different egg types and products in the UK
  • Relevant legislation and changes since 2001
  • Storage, handling and use of eggs in the catering industry
  • Description of interventions relating to laying hens, chickens, ducks, quails and any other at primary production
  • Other interventions and the scientific robustness of these interventions
  • Data on the level of contamination of all eggs
  • Revisiting the risk assessment model. Have all the data gaps identified in 2001 been filled?
  • Consideration of all Salmonella serotypes to identify potential threats and emerging problems e.g. vaccination against emerging pathogens
  • Importance of epidemiology and surveillance going forward.

The Group agreed to aim for a first draft report to present to the ACMSF in January 2016.

The next meeting of the Group will take place in October.