Ad Hoc Group on Campylobacter

Last updated:
22 August 2016
Terms of reference, membership, and work of the Group

Terms of reference

To assess the actions that have taken place since the publication of the Second Campylobacter Report and make proposals to advise the FSA in evolving its strategy for reducing the incidence and risk of foodborne Campylobacter infection in humans.


  • The subgroup will evaluate the outcomes to date and prepare a report to advise the FSA in its evolving strategy for reducing foodborne illness and in its statutory functions.
  • The subgroup will present its report to the main ACMSF Committee for endorsement.



Prof Sarah O’Brien (Chair)
Mr Alec Kyriakides
Prof Peter McClure
Prof David McDowell
Mr David Nuttall
Dr Dan Tucker

Co-opted members
Prof Tom Humphrey (University of Swansea)
Mrs Joy Dobbs (Social Science Research Committee)
Prof Norval Strachan (University of Aberdeen)
Prof Noel McCarthy (University of Warwick)
Prof Martin Maiden (University of Oxford)
Mrs Ann Williams (Consumer rep)

Summaries of meetings


Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food Consultation: Third report on Campylobacter

The ACMSF is inviting stakeholders views on the above report.  Comments would be welcomed on any aspects of the draft report and its recommendations.