41st ACMSF Meeting Agenda and Papers

The forty-first meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food will be held at 10.30 am on Thursday 18 October 2001 in the Press Briefing Centre on the Ground Floor, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH. This will NOT be an open meeting.


1. Chairman's introduction.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Minutes of 40th meeting (ACM/MIN/40).

4. Matters arising (ACM/521).

5. Welcoming new members and preparation for December open meeting (ACM/522 and ACM/523).
This will be the first meeting attended by the majority of Members present. The opportunity will be taken to provide them with background information about the Committee. There will also be a preparatory discussion of arrangements for the Committee's next open meeting which will take place on 5 December 2001.

6. Food Standards Agency (FSA) contamination of UK chicken target. Results of baseline survey (ACM/524).

The FSA set itself a target of reducing levels of Salmonella in UK-produced chicken on retail sale by 50% by 2005. The Agency will present the results of its baseline survey of chickens on retail sale.

7. Campylobacter: workshop and Working Group (ACM/525 and ACM/544).

The Committee has identified Campylobacter as the topic for investigation by an ACMSF Working Group starting early in 2002. As a precursor, there will be an ACMSF/FSA workshop to help identify where changes of direction or fresh initiatives might be required. Members will be asked to consider proposals for the workshop and proposed terms of reference for the Working Group.

8. Draft Report of Mycobacterium bovis Working Group (ACM/526).

The Committee was asked by the FSA for advice on the possible health risk to consumers of meat from cattle with evidence of M. bovis infection. The ACMSF set up a Working Group to consider this matter. The Group's chairman, Professor Johnston, will introduce the Working Group's Report which Members are asked to approve for submission to the FSA.

9. Safe use of eggs by caterers : FSA research results (ACM/527).

The FSA commissioned a pilot study to estimate the nature and extent of adherence to ACMSF and Government guidance on safe use of eggs in the catering industry. FSA is considering whether to proceed to a larger study and will present the results of the pilot study. Members' advice will be sought on the research findings and the need for further work.

10. FSA review of scientific advisory committees

The FSA is conducting a review of the various expert committees which provide it with advice on food safety. Chairmen of advisory committees have been invited to attend the second meeting of the Review Group. Professor Georgala is attending the Review Group meeting and will provide an oral report.

11. Wild game meat (possible agenda item)

The FSA may request the Committee's advice on any possible risk to public health from wild game meat.

12. Any other business.

13. Future meetings - 2001 and 2002 (ACM/543).

Information papers

It is not intended that there should be substantive discussion of these papers. Rather, they are designed to help inform Members of developments of interest in relation to the microbiological safety of food, some of which may be discussed at future ACMSF meetings.

- FSA foodborne disease target

- press release on benchmark for food poisoning reduction target (ACM/528);

- report on first meeting of Consultative Group (ACM/529).

- FSA chicken target

- press release on chicken target baseline survey (ACM/530);

- report on first meeting of Consultative Group (ACM/531);

- changes to the remit of the Consultative Group (ACM/532).

- E. coli Task Force (ACM/533).

- press release announcing Final Report;

- Executive Summary.

- E. coli : International VTEC-STEC Club : No tiziario ISS Vol. 14 No. 3 March 2001 Supplement 1 (ACM/534).

- Microbiological Food Surveillance Group - update (ACM/535).

- LACOTS press release calling for licensing of food businesses (ACM/536).

- Specialist Advisory Committee on Antibiotic Resistance (ACM/537).

- ACMSF comments on Government's Interim Response to the Report of the BSE Inquiry (ACM/538).

- Zoonoses Directive developments (ACM/539).

- FSA research requirements (ACM/540).

- Scottish Agriculture College : assessment of surveillance and control of Johne's disease in farm animals in Great Britain (ACM/541).

- Foot and Mouth Disease : progress report (ACM/542).

- ACMSF membership : pen portraits (ACM/545).