40th ACMSF Meeting Agenda and Papers

The fortieth meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food will be held at 10.30 am on 21 March 2001 in Room 124A Skipton House, Elephant & Castle, London SE1. This will not be an open meeting.

Agenda (Revised)

1. Chairman's introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of the 39th meeting ACM/MIN/39 (REVISED)

4. Matters arising

5. PHLS presentation on LACOTS/PHLS examination of RTE foods with added spices. ACM/509

Dr Sarah O'Brien from PHLS CDSC Epidemiology Division will present ACM/509.

6. PHLS up-date on microbiological status of fresh fruit and vegetables ACM/510

In June 2000, the PHLS presented a paper (ACM/476) to the Committee exploring whether there is a significant risk of human illness associated with the consumption of ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables. Members concluded that there was no cause for serious concern but asked the PHLS to keep the matter under review with a view to providing an update "in 9 months or so". Dr O'Brien will introduce ACM/510.

7. Progress reports

- Scottish Joint E. coli O157 Task Force

Dr Normal Simmons will provide an oral report on his attendance at Task Force meetings on behalf of the Committee

- FSA MAP seminar

Dr Judith Hilton will provide an oral report on progress in arranging FSA's MAP seminar

- Surveillance Working Group

Mr David Clarke will introduce a written report on the first meeting of the Surveillance Working Group ACM/511

- Ad Hoc Group on Sewage Sludge

Dr Norman Simmons will introduce a written report on the most recent meeting of the Ad Hoc Group on Sewage Sludge ACM/512

- M. bovis Working Group

Professor Mac Johnston will provide an oral report on the first meeting of the Working Group on Mycobacterium bovis

- Epidemiology of Foodborne Infections Group (EFIG) and Microbiological Food Surveillance Group (MFSG)

Dr Hilton will provide an oral report of developments in relation to these two Groups.

8. Interim response to Phillips Report

The Government is undertaking a public consultation on its interim response to the report of the BSE inquiry chaired by Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers. The ACMSF has been asked for its views. ACM/513

9. Review of lessons from first ACMSF public meeting

Members views are invited on the lessons learned from the Committee's first open meeting held on 5 December 2000. ACM/514

10. Food Standards Agency foodborne disease strategy ACM/519

Food Standards Agency draft poultry strategy ACM/520

In May, the Agency Board will be considering strategies to achieve its two foodborne disease targets. Current drafts of the proposed Foodborne Disease and Poultry Target strategies will be presented for members' comments.

11. Any Other Business

12. Dates of remaining meetings in 2001
27 June
19 September
5 December (second open meeting)

Information papers

The following papers are being circulated for the information of Members.

Work of the other scientific advisory committees ACM/515

Veterinary surveillance in England and Wales - report ACM/516
of a consultation

History, trends and extent of pasteurization ACM/517

Foot and Mouth Disease background information ACM/518

March 2001

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