ACMSF 51st Agenda: 18 March 2004

The fifty-first meeting of the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food will be held at 10.30 am on Thursday 18 March 2004 in Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH. This meeting is open to members of the public.

1. Chairman’s introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declaration of interests

4. Minutes of the 50th meeting (ACM/MIN/50)
Members will be invited to approve ACM/MIN/50 as a correct record of the Committee’s 50th meeting.

5. Matters arising (ACM/675)
The Secretariat has produced an information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of previous meetings.

6. Survey of Salmonella contamination of UK-produced shell eggs on retail sale (ACM/676)

  • Members will receive a report from the Food Standards Agency, and will give their views, on the results of the Agency’s retail survey to establish the prevalence of Salmonella contamination in UK shell eggs (ACM/676) and whether this had changed since the previous retail survey conducted in 1995/96.
  • The Chairman of the ACMSF’s Surveillance Working Group (Professor Humphrey) will report on his Group’s consideration of the draft report of the FSA’s survey and on the role of the Group.

    7. Microbiological examination of raw shell eggs and their use in catering premises (ACM/677)
    Members will receive a report from the Health Protection Agency on a joint HPA/LACORS study to establish, among other things, the prevalence of Salmonella in raw shell eggs from UK catering premises. Members’ comments will be invited on the results.

    8. Egg research (ACM/678)
    The FSA will present a paper on Agency-funded egg research. Members views will be sought on the research findings, the need for further work, and any food safety implications.

    9. Horizon scanning : changing social habits (ACM/679)
    The Chairman of the Ad Hoc Group on Changing Social Habits (Dr Andrews) will report on the deliberations of this Group, and Members’ views will be sought on the Group’s report and recommendations.

    10. Campylobacter Working Group (ACM/680)
    Members will be invited to endorse the output of the Campylobacter Working Group’s meeting to discuss longer-term research opportunities.

    11. Ad Hoc Group on Infant Botulism
    The Chair of the Ad Hoc Group on Infant Botulism (Dr O’Brien) will report briefly on the first meeting of this Group.

    12. Membership and Secretariat changes
    The Secretariat will report on impending changes.

    13. Dates of future meetings (ACM/681)

    14. Any other business

    15. Public Questions and Answers
    Members of the public present will be invited to ask any questions they may have about the Committee and/or to make any statements.