ACMSF 47th meeting Agenda

This is an open meeting.


1. Chairman’s introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declarations of interest

4. Minutes of the 46th meeting (ACM/MIN/46 (REV.1))
Members will be invited to approve ACM/MIN/46 (REV.1) as a correct record of the Committee’s 46th meeting.

5. Matters arising (ACM/616)
The Secretariat has produced a short information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of the 46th meeting.

6. Avian Influenza (ACM/631)
There is an outbreak of Avian Influenza in the Netherlands. The FSA has asked the Committee to consider whether there is any risk to humans through food chain exposure pathways.

7. Campylobacter Working Group : progress report (ACM/617, 618)
The Chairman will provide a progress report on the work of the Campylobacter Working Group.

8. Food Standards Agency Campylobacter action plan (ACM/619)
Members’ advice will be sought on a number of elements of the FSA’s draft action plan for the control of Campylobacter in chickens. This action plan will reflect, as appropriate, ACMSF advice already provided to the Agency.

9. Codex (ACM/620)
The Food Standards Agency will provide Members with an overview of the outcome of the 35th session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene held in Orlando, Florida from 27 January to 1 February 2003.

10. FSA national study on the microbiological quality and heat processing of cows’ milk (ACM/621)
The FSA will present the final report of this study and respond to Members’ questions.

11. FSA UK-wide survey of Salmonella and Campylobacter contamination of fresh and frozen chicken on retail sale. (ACM/622)
The FSA will present the final report of this survey and respond to Members’ questions.

12. Agricultural disposal of sewage sludge (ACM/623)
The Chairman of the ACMSF Ad Hoc Group on Sewage Sludge (Dr Wyatt) will report on latest developments in the Committee’s peer review of the microbiological food safety aspects of the risk assessment being carried out for pathogens in biosolids.

13. Any other business

14. Dates of future meetings (ACM/624)

15. Public Q&A session
Members of the public present will be invited to ask any questions they may have about the Committee.

Information papers

ACM/625 Report on the work of the Surveillance Working Group.

ACM/626 World Health Organisation Food Safety News Nos. 2, 3 and 4.

ACM/627 Food Standards Agency booklet - Starting up : your first steps to a catering business.

ACM/628 Industry Guide to good hygiene practice : bottled water guide. Chadwick House Publishing; 2001.

ACM/629 Items of possible interest from the literature.

ACM/630 Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Briefing note No. 193; January 2003 : Food Poisoning.