ACMSF agenda: 3 October 2013

To be held at 1pm in Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH.


1. Chair’s introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declaration of interests

4. Minutes of the 80th meeting (ACM/MIN/80)
Members will be invited to approve ACM/MIN/80 as a correct record of the Committee’s 80th meeting.

5. Matters arising (ACM/1119)
The Secretariat has produced an information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of previous meetings.

6. Raw, rare and low temperature cooked foods (ACM/1120)
Dr Roy Betts will present a paper on the work of the Ad Hoc Group which considered this topic.

7. Risk profile for viruses in the food chain (ACM/1121)
Prof Sarah O’Brien will present the draft final report of the work of the Ad Hoc Group on Foodborne Viral Infections.

8. Mycobacterium bovis and the possible health risks associated with meat (ACM/1122)
The Committee will be asked to review the risk descriptor for the human health risks associated with the consumption of meat from animals with evidence of M. bovis infection.

9. ACMSF response to WRAP’s revised compost and anaerobic digestate risk assessments (ACM/1123)
Mr Paul McMullin will update the Committee on the ACMSF WRAP subgroup's consideration of the revised WRAP risk assessments.

10. Committee sub-groups

Surveillance Working Group
Dr Roy Betts will report on the recent work of the group.

Antimicrobial Resistance Working Group
Prof David McDowell will provide an update on the group’s first meeting.

11. Dates of future meetings (ACM/1125)

12. Any other business

13. Public Questions and Answers
Members of the public present will be invited to ask any questions they may have about the Committee and/or to make any statements.

Information papers:

ACM/1126 Update from other Scientific Advisory Committees
ACM/1127 ACMSF Work plan
ACM/1128 Summaries of subgroup meetings
ACM/1129 Items of interest from the literature
ACM/1130 Progress report on ACMSF recommendations
ACM/1131 HPA/LGR co-ordinated food studies
ACM/1132 Research on domestic practices