ACMSF agenda: 6 December 2007

To be held in Trinity House, Tower Hill, London EC3. If you wish to attend please contact the secretariat.

Draft agenda

1. Chairman’s introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declaration of interests

4. Minutes of the 64th meeting (ACM/MIN/64)
Members will be invited to approve ACM/MIN/64 as a correct record of the Committee’s 64th meeting.

5. Matters arising
The Secretariat has produced an information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of previous meetings.

6. Listeria update
Members will receive an update from the Health Protection Agency on recent trends in Listeria monocytogenes infections.

7. Egg surveillance
Members will receive an overview from the FSA on the findings of three egg surveys and will seek the view of the Committee on the implications for development of food safety advice.

8. Guidance on vacuum-packaged foods
The FSA will present summarise guidance on the safety and shelf life of vacuum and modified atmosphere packed chilled foods.

9. Codex Food Hygiene meeting
Dr Paul Cook will update the Committee on the November 2007 meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene.

10. Update on avian influenza
Members will receive an update from the FSA on the recent outbreak of avian influenza in Suffolk.

11. EFIG
Dr Judith Hilton (Chair, EFIG) will update Members on the outcome of the Epidemiology of Foodborne Infections Group meeting which took place on 30 October.

12. Committee sub-groups

The Chair of the Working Group on Newly-emerging pathogens (Professor Hunter) will report on the progress of this Group.

The Chair of the Ad Hoc Group on Vulnerable Groups (Professor Hunter) will report on the progress of this Group.

The Chair of the Ad Hoc Group on botulism in cattle, sheep and goats (Professor Williams) will report on the progress of this Group.

13. Dates of future meetings

14. Any other business

15. Public Questions and Answers
Members of the public present will be invited to ask any questions they may have about the Committee and/or to make any statements.

Information papers:

Using Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Safety Management

Foodborne Disease Strategy Review

Update from other Advisory Committees

Items of possible interest from the literature