ACMSF agenda and papers: 22 September 2005

To be held in Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH.

1. Chairman's introduction

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declaration of interests

4. Minutes of the 56th meeting (ACM/MIN/56)
Members will be invited to approve ACM/MIN/56 as a correct record of the Committee's 56th meeting.

5. Matters arising
The Secretariat has produced an information paper summarising action taken on points arising from the minutes of previous meetings.

6. DWI report case control study on MAP risk factors
Members will receive a recently published report of a case control study on risk factors for Crohn's disease for consideration. Views are sought on whether the report's findings have any implications for the Agency's current advice on consumption of meat.

7. Microcriteria proposals – requirements for salmonella in minced meat
Members will receive a paper from the Food Standards Agency on a proposed EU regulation on microcriteria for foodstuffs. Views are sought on requirements to label minced meat products and meat preparations intended to be cooked with appropriate instructions.

8. Update on listeria
Members will receive a presentation from the Health Protection Agency on recent trends in Listeria monocytogenes infections.

9. Update on poultry surveillance
Members will receive an update from the National Public Health Service, Wales, on the findings of a 2004 survey of Salmonella and campylobacter contamination of poultry on retail sale in Wales and Northern Ireland.

10. Committee sub-groups

  • the Chair of the Ad Hoc Group on Safe Cooking of Burgers (Professor Williams) will report on the progress of this group
  • the Chair of the Working Group Group on Surveillance (Professor Humphrey) will report on the progress of this group
  • the Chair of the Ad Hoc Group on Newly-emerging pathogens (Professor Hunter) will report on the progress of this group

11. Dates of future meetings

12. Any other business

13. Public Questions and Answers
Members of the public present will be invited to ask any questions they may have about the Committee and/or to make any statements.